Moyamba District Children’s Awareness Radio (MODCAR)

Participation and Self-expression

Sierra Leone The United Kingdom (UK)-based community development agency Plan worked in partnership with Sierra Leone’s local communities to establish a  child-led community-based radio station in an effort to foster peace and  reconciliation in the region.41-plan Children’s involvement in the radio project is seen as key to reflecting their needs and reaching intended  audiences. This involvement is facilitated by consulting children in all aspects of radio production, ensuring their representation in MODCAR decision-making bodies, and developing children’s radio clubs. In light of the fact that many children and young people in the district missed out on education during the war, one of the aims is to raise awareness among adults of the importance of children’s education to ensure a return to normal life. The station also aims to encourage the process of  national integration and trauma healing as well as to raise awareness about children’s rights and responsibilities.Plan’swebsite


Source: The Community Innitiative Network


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