Joseph Rowntree Foundation Explores

Poverty and Inequality

report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation draws on the findings of reports on different aspects of a child poverty strategy and examines the impact of current government policy in the UK. The author offers suggestions to help ensure the target of reducing child poverty by 2020 is met.

Download the full summary. Below are the following articles on which this report is based: Can work eradicate child poverty? by Dave Simmonds and Paul Bivand
Childcare and child poverty by Jane Waldfogel and Alison Garnham
Ending severe child poverty by Jason Strelitz
Addressing in-work poverty by Peter Kenway
Tackling child poverty when parents cannot work by Martin Evans and Lewis Williams
The effects of discrimination on families in the fight to end child poverty by Matt Davies
Parental qualifications and child poverty in 2020
 by Andy Dickerson and Jo Lindley


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