Youth Photography from Ghana

Participation and Self-expression

This exhibition will showcase a book containing a collection of photographs and essays by Edward Chao, a twelve year old student in Ghana, West Africa. Eddie brings readers into his world, starting with his friends and the games they play in an abandoned truck yard. Through his eyes, we meet his grandmother, with whom he lives on Madina Estates Road in Ghana’s capital, Accra.

This book is part of the Deviwo Project, a collective of visual artists, documentary media makers, writers and teachers who seek to enable youth in Ghana with the skills to document, preserve and re-invent their own culture. The collective was formed in response to the growing sentiment that Africa, a continent of diverse people and cultures, has become narrowly defined — both in the West and by many within Africa itself — through the words and lenses of foreign visitors. Through Eddie’s eyes, you will discover a fresh and independent perspective.

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