Child Health and Wellbeing


Health Equity for children Could Help Save Millions of Lives Worldwide. According to the Global Health Council, «Over the last 30 years, the global community has used effective and targeted methods to save the lives of millions of children.

Despite these improvements, investments in child health  have not kept pace with the needs, and more than 10 million children under the age of 5 continue to die each year. This is equal to about half of the number of child under 5 living in the USA – and 30,000 deaths/day. Fortunately, most child deaths are preventable through expanded access to simple and prove methods. With commitment and resources, the global community can accelerate both child survival and development.»
From: «Getting Back to Global Child Health.» Global Health Council Publications. Accessed Feb 15, 2009.

The council further reports that: «Children under the age of five face multiple obstacles, including birth injuries, infectious diseases, malnutrition, home environments that lack intellectual stimulation, and environments with polluted water and air. Neonatal mortality has persisted and currently 38 percent of all deaths (4 million) occur during the first month of life.»


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