Impact and Evaluation of Peru’s Basic Education Programme by Ritu Yadav

Monitoring and Evaluation

Peru’s Basic Education Programme (Advanced Teacher Training) by Ritu Yadav, 2009

This article examines the evaluation of the “Mejoramiento de la Calidad de la Educación Primaria“ (MECEP) program to improve teaching quality of primary school teachers in Peru through training in new pedagogical methods, improved curricula and learning materials. The evaluation concluded there were improvements in teaching quality based on the number of teachers graduating from the training and from classroom observations and structured interviews with teachers. However, as there was no corresponding improvement in student academic performance during this period, as measured through regular standardized tests taken by Peruvian students, the evaluation concluded the program had been unsuccessful in achieving broader development impact. The evaluation conducted on behalf of the funding agency German Financial Cooperation faced a number of limitations, including lack of controls, independent evaluators, insufficient time to assess long-term impact and participatory analysis by students, teachers and other community members. The evaluation report also lacked sufficient details on its methodology and the constraints it faced.

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