Building Resilience: A Rights-based Approach to Children and HIV/AIDS in Africa

Environment and Public Space

This paper sets out the situation facing children affected by HIV and AIDS in Africa, assesses the responses to date, and offers recommendations for effective approaches. It finds that efforts have so far been generally piecemeal and inadequate to the size of the problem, and government efforts have been weak. To better protect children, the paper emphasizes the importance of strengthening caregivers’ and households’ commitments to the well-being of children. This requires that, instead of delivering uncoordinated and often unsustainable external programs and projects that attempt to reach children directly, interventions should be directed at the concentric circles of care and influence that surround children, such as families, schools, neighbourhoods, and extending outwards to the media, legislative frameworks, and policies that have a bearing on children’s lives. Authors: L.M. Richter; S. Rama
Publisher: Child Rights Information Network , 2006

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