Syllabus: Human Rights and Media by Peter Lucas

Monitoring and Evaluation

In the Spring of 2009, Peter Lucas taught a graduate course about the international human rights movement with an emphasis on the crucial role that media plays in representing and responding to critical human rights issues.  In the last decade, the convergence of new media technologies with the human rights movement has had a profound impact.  This transformation has enabled the globalization process of human rights activism through the rapid distribution of web-based news, research, and visual representation.  Digitalization has also crossed over with traditional media (television, print, film, photography, and radio) enhancing both the production and the distribution of human rights reports.  The emerging interactivity between producers and consumers of human rights information is also changing as people once considered as objects of human rights reports are becoming subjects who are now creating, manipulating, and challenging dominant paradigms of media representation.  This growing diversity has had serious social and cultural implications on

how human rights information is received, engaged, and transformed.




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