Equity for Children Successfully hosts Colloquium on Politics of Security and Human Rights

Public Policy and Financing

Focusing on Early Childhood, Childhood and Adolescence

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The Colóquio Políticas de Segurança e Direitos Humanos: Enfocando a primeira infância, infância e adolescência (Colloquium on Politics of Security and Human Rights: Focusing on Early Childhood and Adolescence) took place on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 13 and 14, at the Centro Universitário Maria Antonia of the University of São Paulo.

Conceived and developed by Equity for Children Latin America and organized in conjunction with the Red Nacional Primera Infância, the Instituto y Fundación Arcor and el Instituto CA, the colloquium received support from the International Center for Research and Policy on Childhood (CIESPI) and the Red ANDI América Latina (Red Andi).  Themes included multiple modalities of violence committed against children and adolescents in Latin America and proposals for facing these issues.

The meeting included experts in the field such as Raquel Willadino of the Observatório de Favelas; Akemi Kamimura of the Center for Studies on Violence at the University of São Paulo; and Marcia Ustra Soares, the representative of the National Secretary for the Promotion of Rights and Children. Colombia and Mexico were represented in presentations by María Cristina Torrado of the Observatory of Childhood at the National University of Colombia and Gerardo Sauri, representing the Secretary of Human Rights of the Federal District of Mexico (Mexico, DF).

Meeting participants represented social organizations of various states including Pernambuco, Maranhão, Rio Grande do Sul, Bahia, Paraná, São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro.  Plenary sessions reinforced the participants’ commitment to the issues and to the states’ responses to the rights of children and adolescents. The conference encouraged the development of security policies that help to guarantee the rights to life and dignity of all children and adolescents within the region.


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