Inequality and Social Justice Roundtable Consultation


This report from the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) synthesizes a high-level Consultation convened by IDS and the UN Millennium Achievement Fund that brought together leaders from the UN, NGOs, research institutions and governments to discuss the problem of global inequalities and the agenda to address them. The Consultation concluded that the reduction of inequalities should be an integral and central part of development agendas.Nov2011_IDS Report The analysis of inequalities must address both horizontal and vertical inequalities and go beyond income measures to encompass political and cultural inequalities. The Consultation concluded that recovering from the current economic crisis will entail reducing inequalities and developing strategies that are more balanced.The report syntheses debates on social justice and the underlying causes of inequalities and exclusion. It highlights the impacts of inequalities on health, nutrition and education outcomes. It further examines successful experiences tackling inequalities, including those of countries, UN agencies and international NGOs. The report recommends 13 policy actions that demonstrably enhance equity.

Bringing inequities more clearly into development agendas will require broad-based support. The Consultation recommended that a coalition be established to place equity and inequalities at the heart of development agendas. The coalition should include NGOs, social movements, academics, UN agencies and national governments.




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