Social Media for Kids


A program that teaches children the importance of caution and responsibility in using social media
Screen shot 2012-09-17 at 2_48_55 PMIn this era of online communication, it’s more vital than ever that young people – and the adults in their lives – are internet savvy and aware of online dangers. As recent incidents illustrate, misuse of social media sites – such as Facebook, Twitter, instant messaging, blogs, and Skype – can have grave consequences, especially for young people. Whether it’s a quick exchange of words or simply posting photos of a previous night’s exuberant festivities, what most young people forget is: once you post something online, it is there forever, and can be seen and shared virtually instantaneously, by virtually anyone.

Social Media For Kids® is the first program of that educates children to promote themselves in a positive light, enabling the “safe use of social media outlets as learning tools”, while meeting the New York State educational standards. Social Media for Kids® is available for schools, communities and parent groups throughout the United States. With parents working hand-in-hand with educators and social media experts, students, will be able to understand and handle the responsibility that comes with the use of social media outlets, using it towards their academic advancements, and bettering their communities.

With the increasing prevalence of cyberbullying, and more extreme consequences of this dangerous phenomenon, it’s more important than ever that adults are fully educated about online capabilities and internet dangers. Social Media For Kids® has been successfully educating kids and adults in public schools throughout Brooklyn, as well as in Plainfield, NJ, for over a year now.

To learn more, please visit and also view the featured News 12 Brooklyn report.


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