‘Children’s Chances: How Countries Can Move from Surviving to Thriving’

Public Policy and Financing

An interactive website for comparative data on child rights related laws and public policies

Children’s Chances (www.childrenschances.org), launched in February 2013 by the World Policy Analysis Centre, is a comprehensive online database based on the Jody Heymann's most recent publication, "Children's Chances: How CountriesScreen shot 2013-03-26 at 10_09_05 AM Can Move from Surviving to Thriving" (2013). The website contains never-before-available comparative data on laws and public policies affecting children’s opportunities in 193 countries worldwide, and covers a diverse set of issues related to child rights including education, child labour, child marriage, poverty, discrimination, health, and parental care. The website includes unique full colour world maps on a range of topics such as: how long girls are protected from marrying compared to boys; which countries charge tuition for secondary education; which countries guarantee paid leave for mothers and fathers; and which countries offer inclusive education to children with disabilities.


The Children’s Chances website allows you to view maps of key policies for children’s healthy development, and answer pressing questions such as:

In addition to English, the website is also available in SpanishFrench and Portuguese.

To learn more about Judy Heymann's publication, please click here.


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