The Role of Safeguarding in Child Protection Systems – Is your house in order?

Neglect, Exploitation and Violence

Following the recommendations of the 2006 UN Study on Violence Against Children, many child focused organisations are now supporting countries to strengthen their national child protection systems as an effective means of bringing together all actors in a concerted effort to protect children against violence and abuse.Screen shot 2012-08-03 at 11_06_46 AM In parallel with this, over the last ten years NGOs have increasingly realised the need to safeguard children and ensure that their own work and activities do not expose children to the risk of violence and abuse. However, to date there has been limited recognition of the need for all agencies and actors working within child protection systems to be clear on their safeguarding responsibilities.

Read Keeping Children Safe’s latest paper on why to fully protect children from violence and abuse, those working to strengthen child protection systems must ensure that the system also includes mechanisms to ensure that government and non-government organizations working within it meet their safeguarding responsibilities.

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