Positive Indicators of Child Wellbeing: A Conceptual Framework, Measures and Methodological Issues

Monitoring and Evaluation

This paper highlights a number of frameworks for positive indicator development which examine the positive well-being of children.  It suggests a new comprehensive framework which identifies constructs for positive well-being as well as potential indicators and extant measures that fit with those constructs. In addition, the paper reviews existing data sources for examples of positive measures that are found in the proposed framework as well as research studies that have been successful in measuring these indicators. The paper notes the data and measurement gaps that exist in comprehensively measuring the positive in children and youth. Finally, it identifies a number of conceptual and methodological issues that need consideration as efforts to define and measure positive indicators of well-being and well-becoming go forward.

Authors: Anderson Moore, Kristin; Lippman, Laura H; McIntosh, Hugh
Publisher: Innocenti Working Papers, 2009-21 


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