Special Feature: Urban Inequalities in Childhood and Adolescence

Adolescence and Youth, Poverty and Inequality

Relevant to key issues of the international seminar on “Urban Inequalities in Childhood and Adolescence: Urban Social and Political Rights,” Equity for Children and Equidad para la Infancia are highlighting the issue of poverty and children in urban areas. The seminar is co-sponsored by the National University of Tres de Febrero, Equity for Children, Equidad para la Infancia, The New School, ARCOR Foundation and UNICEF. Michael Cohen, Director of the Graduate Program of International Affairs (GPIA) at The New School, will participate as the keynote speaker.

special_feature_urban_povertySocio-territorial fragmentation in cities strongly impacts access to opportunities that are critical to human survival and development. People’s lives change dramatically depending on where they are raised, the kind of education they receive and how they socialize. Accordingly, social divisions of territories in urban areas reflect the complexity of issues such as the distribution of social groups, goods and services and opportunities for political representation.

A child or adolescent is affected strongly by environmental considerations such as space, or by subjective considerations such as the experience of the city. Stability, a sense of security and the perception of segregation in the daily life of children and adolescents are concerns that are crucial to development.

We invite you to read a recent paper entitled, “Children, Adolescents and Intra-Urban Inequalities in Latin America and the Caribbean,” by Diego Born, Victoria Colamarco, Enrique Delamonica, and Alberto Minujin in order to gain a greater understanding of several issues that will be discussed at the July 3-4 seminar. Executive Director of Equity for Children Alberto Minujin is one of the seminar’s organizers.

DOWNLOAD PAPER: ‘Children, Adolescents and Intra-Urban Inequalities in Latin America and the Caribbean’


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