EFC Talks with Dr. Gro Therese Lie about early childhood development

Early Childhood, Poverty and Inequality

groDr. Gro Therese Lie discusses early childhood development and shares her extensive experience in this field with Equity for Children. Dr Lie is is a professor at the Department of Health Promotion and Development at the University of Bergen.

For the last ten years she has been the leader of the multidisciplinary research group ‘Multicultural Venues of Health, Gender and Social Justice; Applying Local Cultural Perspectives on Global Social Challenges’.

Dr. Lie is also the Academic Director of UiB Global, ( http://www.uib.no/en/research/global ), a unit responsible for initiating and coordinating multi- and trans-disciplinary research and related activities. Development related and global research is a strategic priority area of the University of Bergen. UiB Global aims to strengthen synergies across disciplines and build on the University´s long history of academic cooperation with partners in the Global South.

Dr. Lie  also sits on several boards and committees at the university.

Please click here to view the video.


Web site:http://www.uib.no/personer/Gro.Lie


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