Equity for Children E-Newsletter. N° 50 | March | 2015

Adolescence and Youth

Dear friends,

 This month Equity for Children (EFC) began exploring a new thematic area, climate change, which exacerbates inequalities and impacts the most vulnerable while providing opportunities to create sustainable and equitable ways of living.

  • On March 5, EFC co-sponsored an event entitled, “Women, Climate Change and Cities: An Intersectional Perspective”.  Panelists engaged the audience in a discussion of the ways in which women and girls can more easily participate in plans and programs to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Read about it here.
  • On March 6, EFC hosted a 2nd Annual workshop with 10th graders from the U.N. International School about “Children, Inequalities and Climate Change”. Find out more about the exciting exchange here.

This month our website features work on early childhood development and violence prevention.  You can now access a new key document, the result of our collaboration with the RNPI (Red Nacional Primera Infancia, National Network for Early Childhood), by clicking on:

In April we will publish the final report of our original research, Approaches to Equity. Keep checking our website, Facebook and Twitter for more information.

I truly appreciate your continued interest in Equity for Children’s work.


Alberto Minujin, Executive Director 


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