Indicators and a Monitoring Framework for the Sustainable Development Goals, Revised Working Draft, Published by the SDSN

Monitoring and Evaluation, Public Policy and Financing

Equity for Children participated in providing comments for the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) report, “Indicators and a Monitoring Framework for the Sustainable Development Goals” revised working draft, dated February 18, 2015. This version takes into account the results of a 2-week public consultation (January 16-31, 2015).

A first draft of Indicators and a Monitoring Framework for the Sustainable Development Goals underwent a 1.5 month-long public consultation from February to March 2014, during which hundreds of organizations submitted detailed comments. A revised working draft was made available on the SDSN website in May 2014. The subsequent draft in July 2014 aligned the indicator framework with the draft Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) announced by the Open Working Group. This version also reflected key outcomes from events held on SDG indicators and the Data Revolution, including a June 23-24 technical workshop of national statistical offices, international statistical agencies, and experts from academia, civil society, and business organized by the SDSN.

This February 2015 report will serve as input to the Expert Group Meeting on SDG Indicators, which will be held in conjunction with the UN Statistical Commission. In March 2015, the SDSN will issue a revised version of the report taking into account the outcomes of the 2015 UN Statistical Commission, developments in the intergovernmental negotiations, and any further comments.

Download the report here.


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