A New Publication, “Divided Cities: Childhood and Urban Inequity”

Poverty and Inequality, Public Policy and Financing

Ciudades divididasIn December 2015, Equity for Children and the Research Center for Urban Political Science (CEIPSU), at the Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero (UNTREF) in Argentina published Divided Cities: Childhood and Urban Inequity.

Today, three out of four children live in large cities where inequality and lack of access to basic services are intensified and often limited by factors such as the neighborhood in which they grew up.  These inequities, which negatively impact development for adults in general, are amplified for children and adolescents.

The publication, Divided Cities: Childhood and Urban Inequity, addresses the following questions:

– What is the incidence of urban poverty and inequality in childhood and adolescence in Latin America and what are its characteristics?

– What are the obstacles and difficulties faced by children and adolescents in terms of health, education and every day life?

– What policies and programs are being implemented in Latin American cities to address these issues and what are the lessons learned?






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