Approaches to Equity and International Organizations

Poverty and Inequality


Summaries of Major International Organizations’ Reports
Interviews with Senior Staff at Major International Organizations
Data Matrix: A Comparison of International Organizations’ Interpretations of Equity at a Glance

We have interviewed outstanding leading practitioners and top experts of big international organizations including the World Bank, UNICEF, WHO, Save the Children and various other organizations about their views of equity and equality and the challenges faced with these agendas. Those who want to read key documents on equity and equality will find readily available for download the most relevant resources from each participating organization. We also provide a list of additional key resources on equity and children for consultation.

For people already familiar with the equity debate and terminology, we offer a series of original summaries that characterize the diverse equity approaches and definitions for each organization and a matrix based on two to three institutional key documents. Both the abstracts of each organization’s equity approach and the matrix include condensed information about the definition of equity, its determinants and manifestations, its characteristics, target audiences and its underlying theories.

We hope that these tools will be a helpful source of tools for policy makers, practitioners, activists, researchers and all engaged people who want to contribute to a more equitable world for children.

The process of selecting and displaying relevant information on equity for children is ongoing. We invite all our readers and followers to send us information about new equity approaches, experiences, evidence of impact and new theories on equity.

Contents of Phase 1:


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