Child Poverty, Youth (Un)Employment, and Social Inclusion

Poverty and Inequality

Worldwide child and youth poverty remain the biggest barriers to achieving a better life in adulthood. Progress in lifting children out of poverty in the last decades has been slow and limited in the developing world, while the recent global economic crisis has exacerbated child poverty, youth unemployment, and social exclusion in many developed countries.

This book critically examines the long-term consequences of growing up poor, the close linkages between deprivation and human rights violations in childhood and adolescence, and their effects on labor market entry and future career in a number of developing and developed countries. Drawing on multiple disciplinary perspectives, it makes a forceful case for the eradication of child poverty to take center stage in the Sustainable Development Goals.

The book includes a chapter co-authored by Equity for Children Executive Director, Alberto Minujin, about the issues around measuring data and gathering information on young persons who are “Not in Education, Employment, or Training” (the NEET) in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The publication is edited by Maria Petmesidou, Enrique Delamónica, Christos Papatheodorou, Aldri Henry-Lee.

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