‘Approaches to Equity’ Overview

Poverty and Inequality


What is equity and why does it matter for children living in poverty?

We want to help you in your work to promote equity for children and to enhance children’s rights.


“Approaches to Equity” offers a unique overview of perspectives from leading voices on the topic –international organizations, foundations and research institutions. You will find interviews, key documents and summaries about:

• Current theories

• Best practices

• Key strategies

• Policy recommendations

The information we have collected will be helpful for practitioners, policy makers, researchers, students and teachers.


What are major international organizations thinking about the topic of equity?
How do researchers and philanthropic organizations think about equity?
What are the underlying philosophical and social justice theories behind the equity approach?
Equity and Social Justice: A Short Introduction’ by Equity for Children
Where can I learn more about equity and best practices?


‘Approaches to Equity’ is an ongoing project launched in July 2013 by Equity for Children at The New School.  It aims to push forward the important agenda of children’s rights and equity, especially in light of the United Nations’ Post-2015 Millennium Development Goals agenda.

For the full information structure of the ‘Approaches to Equity’ Project, click here.



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