Working with the families of the poor: Improving Services for Children and their Caretakers

Adolescence and Youth, Education, Health, Neglect, Exploitation and Violence, Participation and Self-expression, Poverty and Inequality

This brief proposes that:


  • Services to children and their families need to take a holistic view of the child’s relationships with family, extended family, neighbors and government agencies
  • Improved communication between child advocates, families and government agencies is necessary. The current sectors serving lower-income communities operate in a disconnected and complex manner, creating conditions that could further disrupt the lives of children and their families.
  • Families should be encouraged and supported to use the resources they already have within themselves in order to address trauma effectively
  • It is crucial to building a more equal and just system of social services to empower families living in poverty and the practitioners who serve them. Inequality and inter-generational poverty disrupt families and leave them with limited resources to change course.


Access the full advocacy brief here.



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