X Jornada Paulista on Family Therapy

Adolescence and Youth, Education, Monitoring and Evaluation, Urban Inequities and Children

July 25-27, 2019 – Sao Paulo, Brazil

A panel of renowned experts including Equity for Children’s Executive Director, Alberto Minujin, gathered in Sao Paulo, Brazil to discuss the challenges of a holistic approach to family therapy.


The X Jornada Paulista on Family Therapy opened with a panel composed by Alberto Minujin, Expert on Child Poverty and Inequality, Lia Baptista Carvalho, Psychologist, and Ema Genijovich, Family Therapist. The 3 professors discussed the legacy and work of Salvador Minuchin and the importance of using a child-sensitive approach to family therapy.

Alberto Minujin, proposed that services to children need to take a holistic view of the child’s relationships with family, community and government agencies. Alberto also pointed out at the importance of implementing Minuchin’s ideas institutionally, especially for those who are poor and need special assistance. For more details, you can view his PowerPoint presentation here.




“Minuchin was a social justice activist and a revolutionary who developed the field of Structural Family Therapy at a time when prevailing practices sought to “save” children facing trauma by taking them away from their families.” 

-Professor Alberto Minujin






Workshops and courses on ancestral family therapy were imparted at the conference. A book, compiling innovative work on the subject and didactic case studies that illustrate how socio-communitarian therapy work, was also launched.









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