Bogota, Colombia – In First Person

Adolescence and Youth

Angela’s two daughters used to attend the Veracruz Girl’s Home boarding school run by the Congregation of Sisters Little Apostles of Redemption in Bogota. Angela lives with her two daughters, her sister and her sister’s six-month-old baby girl. The quarantine has made it very difficult for Angela to make ends meet for her household, and the family has found it very stressful to be enclosed inside the house together. For Angela’s daughters, the most difficult aspects of the quarantine are the virtual classes and missing their teachers.

As written in a National Geographic article from May, “COVID-19 has been handled more thoughtfully in Colombia than in most other countries in the hemisphere, as authorities moved early to impose strict quarantine measures and organize its health services efficiently. Bogotá, the capital, went into strict lockdown on March 18, even earlier than the rest of the country, and most residents are allowed to walk only to nearby pharmacies, hospitals, or food stores for now. Despite these measures, the coronavirus numbers are bad, and climbing rapidly.”

Watch today’s video to learn more about these family 


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