Equidade para a Infância

Equidade para a Infância is the Portuguese version of the virtual platform of the initiative. Along with Equidad para la Infancia (in Spanish) it constitutes a communication channel for Latin American audiences that work to guarantee the rights of children.

Through the permanent update, production and dissemination of content, the Latin American platform promotes the public discussion of the main issues that children and teenagers face throughout the region, thus promoting a multiplicity of voices with the publication of academic studies, technical reports, interviews, conferences, opportunities and calls for action.

The Latin American chapter is part of the global Equity for Children initiative and it is implemented through the Social Studies in Childhood and Youth Program of the Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM, Argentina), and within the framework of the actions of the Arcor Foundation and Arcor Institute.

Visit the Portuguese site to learn more about Equidade para a Infância. 


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