Why Equity


Equity for Children is an initiative of the Studley Graduate Program of International Affairs (SGPIA) within the Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy at The New School in New York City. We strive to advance an agenda of social justice, human rights and social equality for children worldwide in order to strengthen children’s well-being by diminishing child poverty, marginalization and inequality.


Why is equity important for children and adolescents?


Children account for more than a third of the world’s total population, and almost half of the population in the least developed countries. In developing countries, the majority of the poor are children. Many of them die very early due to preventable and curable diseases. Among these, malnutrition, which leaves a permanent mark in a child’s ability to lead a fulfilled life. Many children are victims of violence. Others are orphaned due to AIDS or are exploited and sexually abused. They have no way to protect and exercise their basic human rights. Thousands of them are left without education, hungry and living in the streets. They are forced to work, often in exploitative and unhealthy conditions. They do not have access to health or sanitary services.

This raises serious questions: How can democracy and peace expand under these circumstances? Why do development policies fail to cover these basic issues? What are key policies and programs being implemented to address this? How effective are they? Are poverty reduction programs responding to the needs of children and adolescents?

To address these questions, Equity for Children fosters critical discussions and the exchange of good practices and knowledge. One of our main objectives is to improve academic and public understanding of political and economic change processes currently underway globally.

Equity for Children provides a platform for dissemination and exchange with key international partners who study and work on children’s rights and wellbeing issues. We:

• Foster discussions on innovative topics, virtually or in person at our events, among experts, practitioners and youth about issues related to child rights and well-being
• Develop regional networks to disseminate knowledge and practical experiences related to these questions
• Share publications and good practices to add to academic curricula and research globally
• Partner with local organizations to promote and advocate for the rights of children and adolescents all over the world

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