Acting to reduce
child poverty and inequality

Public Spaces

Child-friendly spaces in urban areas provide a safe environment for learning and playing

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Impact Report 2022

In 2022, Equity for Children measured and addressed child poverty on multiple dimensions, including income and factors of wellbeing. The productive year featured exciting and inspiring projects
Equity for Children and the worldwide non-profit A Chance In Life partnered to produce a video series about The Village, a youth center in Staten Island, at which adolescents who are disconnected from school and employment meet to build their skills and have a better chance to overcome poverty and succeed in life.

‘In First Person’ Videos: Voices of the Pandemic

A series of brief, powerful videos about life during the pandemic for some of the most vulnerable communities in Latin America. Women give voice to the challenges they and their children have faced during COVID-19.
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Child Poverty

La infancia y los derechos a la ciudad

Los niños y niñas de América Latina viven en su mayoría en asentamientos y barrios de bajos ingresos de las grandes ciudades donde conviven con altos índices de desigualdad.
Child Poverty

Why do children suffer poverty more frequently than other populations?

According to a research study conducted by Professor Alberto Minujin, monetary poverty in Argentina and non-monetary deprivations increased during the Covid-19 pandemic, having a devastating effect on children.
Voice & participation

Voice and Action in Queens: A Place for Inclusion and Belonging

Latinx Women and Families in Queens: Voice and Action, a research grant funded by The Spencer Foundation, focuses on the experiences of undocumented Latinxs, cis, trans, heterosexual, and LGBTQ+, some with children, who have emigrated from Latin America and the Caribbean and are now living in Western Queens.

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