Giving Voice to the Voiceless: Latinx Immigrants in Queens

Voice & participation

Discover Jackson Heights’ Latinx community hidden challenges and resiliency

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Child Poverty

Equity for Children: At the Forefront of Measuring Child Poverty

Leading researchers in poverty and deprivation measurement, as well as anti-poverty policies, gathered on September 20th, 2023, at The New School University for a conference entitled ‘Improving Child and Family Poverty Measurement.’ The event was co-organized by Equity for Children in partnership with UNICEF and the Bristol Poverty Institute at the University of Bristol, UK. Each is collaborating on a research program to improve the international measurement of child and family poverty.
Urban inequalities

Empowering Children Through Film: Equity for Children and A Chance in Life Join Forces

In a powerful stride towards nurturing the potential of marginalized children, Equity for Children and A Chance in Life forged an inspiring partnership that created a transformative impact on the lives of these adolescents who reside in the poorest area of ​​Staten Island.

Latino Immigrants: Stories of Resilience and Dreams

Explore the compelling stories of immigrant Latinx women and their children in New York City, shedding light on their challenges and triumphs through powerful two to three-minute videos in this collaborative project by Equity for Children, The StoryCenter, and Voces Latinas.
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Webinar invitation: How to create participatory public spaces for children?

Equity for Children at The New School, together with the ARCOR Foundation, are organizing a webinar with representatives of five experiences developed in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay to present their practices aimed at increasing children's participation in the design and appropriation of public spaces.
Child Poverty

Captivating Course Explores Children’s Rights, Urban Poverty, and Inequality

“Children’s Rights, Urban Poverty, and Inequality,” Alberto Minujin’s graduate course at The New School University’s International Affairs Program. The course delves into cultural and social barriers faced by children living in poverty and explores ways to encourage transformation through child voice and participation that leads to positive outcomes for community leaders, policymakers, and agents of […]
Child Poverty

Child Poverty in An Affluent World: A Matter of Basic Rights and Justice

UNICEF's Innocenti Report Card 18 presents the specific situations experienced by poor children and why ending child poverty and its consequences is a matter of basic rights and justice.

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