Social Protection Initiatives for Women and Families

Social protection programs have intensively expanded during the last decade, both in low and middle income countries. These programs take many forms, from conditional cash transfers to workfare, and from pensions to subsidies insurance. 25-social_protection_bookTheir impact on children, women and family well-being and on reducing the incidence of poverty could be significant. However, many questions have been raised in relation with their real impact, efficacy and effectiveness.

This book offers an in-depth and unique conceptual as well as empirical evidence about how social protection programs, cash transfers in particular, may and actually affect the well-being of children and women. The authors of this book are academics and practitioners, including UNICEF country offices, from all regions of the world.

This book is offered as a contribution to one of the most rapidly expanding debates in the development literature. Moreover, it is intended to provide ideas and good experiences for policy makers to make further progress in the struggle for achieving respect, protection, and fulfillment of children and women rights.

Alberto Minujin and Enrique Delamonica, editors, 2007 New York.
The New School Graduate Program in International Affairs, with support of UNICEF.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9794425-0-6
ISBN-10: 0-9794425-0-8

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