Monitoring and Evaluation of a Street Children Project

A Training Package on Substance Use, Sexual and Reproductive Health including HIV/AIDS and STDs.63-childlabor2 This monitoring and evaluation handbook prepared by the World Health Organization is the final section of a larger training package for street educators and others working to improve the lives of street children. The training package is comprised of an introductory handbook, ten training modules, a manual entitled ‘trainer tips’, and this handbook which aims to provide guidelines for monitoring and evaluating projects for street children.

The handbook has been designed to be used by street educators, as well as other people who are concerned about street children but may not have had any previous experience of monitoring or evaluating such projects. References to other materials are included for those individuals who would like more detailed information or those who have the resources to carry out more complicated monitoring and evaluation procedures.

The aims of this handbook are to provide you with an understanding of the importance of monitoring and evaluating the Street Children project; to help you to identify a range of appropriate strategies which could be used to do this; and to help you develop the confidence to implement monitoring and evaluation strategies in your work on the Street Children project.
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