Process Evaluation in a Randomized Community Trial of a Youth-Aimed, Media Campaign

The article describes process evaluation in a NIDA-funded randomized community trial of a substance-use prevention media campaign called “Be Under Your Own Influence.” The two-year media intervention took place in schools with some supporting community activities, and was effective in reducing uptake of marijuana and alcohol by up to 40 percent.187-figure1 Because process evaluation and technical support are key to the effectiveness of such an intervention, the article will provide detailed description and analysis in order to guide similar interventions. We first discuss the development of the process evaluation instrument and approach, and then present campaign implementation issues that were discovered through process evaluation, and the actions taken to address these issues. Finally, we offer guidelines for other researchers who are implementing process evaluations. Authors: Maria Leonora G. Comello,; Michael D. Slater,; Kathleen J. Kelly,  Read the full article Source: Cases in Public Health Communication & Marketing Journal, The George Washington University, Volume 1 – June 2007

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