Global Climate Change and Child Health: A Review of Pathways, Impacts and Measures to Improve the Evidence Base

This paper reviews evidence of the impacts of global climate change on child health. It uses scientific and policy research to show the substantial evidence of disproportionate vulnerability of children in response to climate change. It argues that the diseases likely to be potentiated by climate change are primary causes of child morbidity and mortality, including vector-borne diseases, water-borne diseases and air-borne diseases. The authors contend that further research, assessment and monitoring of child health in respect to climate change will be critical for academics and practitioners. Governments must integrate environmental health indicators into data collection in order to accurately assess the state of child health in relation to other age groups and its sensitivity to climate change.

Authors: Akachi, Yoko ; Goodman, Donna ; Parker, David
Series: Innocenti Discussion Papers, 2009-03

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