Inheriting the World: The Atlas of Children’s Health and the Environment

According to the WHO, over three million children die every year due to unhealthy environments. This atlas, published in 2004 explores issues as diverse as the devastating and largely unknown impact of indoor air pollution, the unfashionable yet huge tragedy of sanitation, and complex emerging issues like climate change. It contains full-colour maps and graphics that clearly demonstrate the threats that children face and underscore the impact of poverty on children’s health. While this crisis cannot be ignored and demands urgent action, success stories, such as the Montreal Protocol, show a way forward for the world to make sure that our children will inherit a safer planet and a brighter future.



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Download individual chapters: Contents, acknowledgements and foreword
The world’s forgotten children
Two worlds: rich and poor
Traditional hazards, new risks 
Water for all: making it happen 
Hurry up in the toilet: 2.4 billion are waiting
To fetch a pail of water 
Fluoride and arsenic in drinking-water
Indoor smoke: breaking down respiratory defences
Passive smoking: Children protest 
Polluted cities: The air children breathe 
Child injuries are preventable [pdf 856kb]
Child labour: Growing up too quickly 
Lead: IQ alert 
Safe food: Crucial for child development 
Poisoning: Hidden peril for children 
Getting the lead out 
Healthy schools: Empowering children 
Enjoying the sun safely 
Climate change 
Highs and lows of environmental health
World data table

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