UNICEF: Children and Youth Participation Resource Guide

This UNICEF resource guide offers resources on child and youth participation from Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, Australia and the Pacific. It provides an overview of existing resources and assists readers in seeking further information through the listed websites and organizational links. It focuses on materials in English that have broad relevance and applicability and are available electronically. The bibliography concentrates largely on the participation of under-18-year-olds. It does not attempt to systematically include the considerable literature on the participation of young adults. Users are referred to the Guide to the Global Youth Movement, an excellent resource directory on youth issues.

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UNICEF also hosts  information on concepts and approaches to the participation of children and young people. It includes materials on frameworks, ethical issues, capacity building and resource mobilization for child and youth participation. Resources are available on the concepts of child and youth participation. Much less has been written on standards, indicators or policy frameworks for children’s participation.Learn More

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A joint publication of Equity for Children’s Executive Director Alberto Minujin and UNICEF that monitors progress toward Sustainable Development Goals, offering a crucial data tool that goes beyond income measures, capturing a comprehensive view of child well-being through topics like immunization, nutrition, and education.

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