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Voices of Youth

UNICEF’s Voices of Youth provided young people around the globe with an opportunity to explore, discuss and take action on complex human rights and development issues since 1995. Its mission focuses on exploring the educational and community-building potential of the Internet to facilitate the active and substantive participation of young people.

 It is guided by the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and draws from Articles 12, 13 and 19, which articulate young people’s rights to participate in decision-making processes, to express opinions freely and to be equipped with the knowledge and skills that will empower them to bring about change in their own lives and in their communities. It uses online discussions, interactive quizzes, real life stories, youth activist profiles, photo essays, live chats and more to provide young people with the opportunity to confront and grapple with issues such as HIV/AIDS, gender inequality, child rights, girls’ education and protecting children against violence, abuse and exploitation.The website is updated with dialogue and peer education from 15-24 year olds representing 180 countries, more than 70% of whom are from developing countries and over half of whom are girls. It recognizes the urgent need to ensure that national and international policy and decision makers hear what young people have to say. The site acts as a two-way communication hub, enabling young people and decision makers to interact and impact one another in a consistent and substantive manner, setting the foundation for youth-friendly and informed policies.



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