Creating Networks that Advance Capacity-Building on Child Rights and Public Policy

Equity for Children Website and Program, in partnership with UNICEF and UNDP, is organizing an event in Panama City on September 23rd and 24th, 2010.

The seminar “Creating Networks that Advance Capacity-Building on Child Rights and Public Policy” will focus on collaborations across Latin America. Themes to be emphasized include impacting the public and social policy agenda for children and adolescents through the creation and dissemination of knowledge. Participants will discuss academic offerings and training experiences offered throughout Latin America on related topics. Participating universities and organizations are: FLACSO –México; Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas – UNAM, México; Universidad Externado de Colombia; Red CLACSO –Latinoamérica; CINDE – Universidad de Manizales –Colombia; Movimiento Interamericano de los Derechos del Niño –MINDI- Latinoamérica; and sponsors UNDP, UNICEF and

Academia and public policy institutes demand increased connectivity and interdisciplinary approaches to address the 21st century’s complex social contexts and inequalities associated with childhood. In Latin America, it is especially important to promote dialogue among stakeholders such as thinkers and teachers — those who originate and disseminate knowledge.  They can improve the impact of public policy and the social agenda for children and adolescents with increased communication and collaboration.

Equity for Children will follow the event and post more news and interviews from the conference soon.

Also visit Equidad para la Infancia and Equidade Para a Infância for news in Spanish and Portuguese.


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