Children, Youth and the Environment: The Everyday Environments of Children’s Poverty

The Children, Youth and the Environment journal, Vol. 19, No.2 (2009) published by the University of Colorado, Boulder is now available online. This special issue contains results form the 2008 GPIA-UNICEF conference, Rethinking Poverty: Making Policies That Work for Children. It includes articles on the identification and measurement of child poverty, the impact of environments of poverty on children, and the implications for policy and practice.

In the introduction titled The Everyday Environments of Children’s Poverty Sheridan Barlett and Alberto Minujin focus attention on a critical dimension of child poverty that has been relatively neglected in the past. They explore the idea that material and spatial realities are a potent dimension in children’s lives, arguing that the physical environment is not just the setting where things happen, but a force in its own right.

The Children, Youth and the Environment (CYE) Journal is the world’s leading publication for the latest news on children, youth and their environments. Endorsed by UN-Habitat and guided by a distinguished Editorial Advisory Board, the Journal is a one-stop online resource, which supports the sharing of knowledge across disciplinary and national boundaries. With readers in over 160 countries, it provides easy access to authoritative research articles, in-depth analyses, cutting-edge field reports, and critical book reviews.


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