EFC Talks with Tamara Kreinin on Empowering Girls

Tamara Kreinin, Executive Director of Women and Population at the United Nations Foundation, is a critical resource and spokesperson on social justice, ranging from sexual and reproductive health, education, poverty, youth and female rights and advocacy. Ms. Kreinin has traveled the globe as an advocate and public policy advisor on sexual and reproductive health and rights. Ms. Kreinin has served as a consultant in the areas of advocacy strategy, education, fund-raising and public relations. She has worked on numerous local, state and federal political campaigns. Throughout her career, Ms. Kreinin has been a passionate voice for social justice and social change.

In this interview, Ms. Kreinin discusses the importance of empowering girls for equity and social inclusion, the methods to achieve social inclusion for girls, and the United Nations Foundation (UNF)’s efforts toward improving the rights of girls. Soon to follow is another video featuring Ms. Kreinin on the efforts of UNF and issues regarding education.


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