Factual Clarification Note for Chapters 4 and 5 of ‘Global Child Poverty and Well-Being’

Available for Download: Factual clarification note and chapters 4 and 5

It has been brought to our attention that the recently published ‘Global Child Poverty and Well-Being’ (Minujin & Nandy, 2012) has opened a discussion regarding factual clarifications on measuring child poverty. A note has been prepared by Sabina Alkire and Jose Manuel Roche, both contributors to the book, specifically in response to the chapter included by David Gordon and Shailen Nandy, which inspired this discussion. We believe this is a very important discussion and are making the note fully available for download below.

Furthermore, this discussion has inspired the formal editing of two chapters within the book: Chapter 4 by David Gordon and Shailen Nandy, and Chapter 5 by Sabina Alkire and Jose Manuel Roche. These updated chapters are also available for download and viewing below.

Please note the book may be purchased via Policy Press or University of Chicago Press.


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