Why is Equity Important for Children?

Children represent more than one third of the world’s total population and nearly half of the population in the least developed countries. In the developing world, most of the poor are children. 1-fotoThey are massive victims of war, social and family violence. They are orphaned by HIV/AIDS, sexually exploited and raped. They do not have any way of protecting and exerting their basic human rights. They are left uneducated, hungry and living in the streets. They are made to work, often in hazardous conditions, with no access to sanitation or health services. There are many issues that should be analyzed: How can democracy and peace expand under these circumstances? What are the problems of development? What are the main, relevant policies and programs that are currently being implemented and how effective are they? Are poverty reduction programs addressing children’s needs?

The goal of Equity for Children.org is to work together as a network to improve the living conditions of children on all dimensions. To accomplish this, children in all countries should be treated with the same respect and be offered equal opportunities, no matter of creed, race or ethnicity.  Equity for Children encourages online discussion, experience sharing, learning and advocacy to ensure that every child enjoys their right to grow in a safe and nurturing environment.

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The meeting was co-organised by Equity for Children in partnership with UNICEF and the Bristol Poverty Institute, at the University of Bristol, UK, who are collaborating on a research program to improve the international measurement of child and family poverty.
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