Book: ‘Infancias: Políticas y Saberes en Argentina y Brasil’

Edited by: Isabella Cosse, Valeria Llobet, Carla Villalta, María Carolina Zapiola

This book looks to create a significant contribution for consolidating the field of children’s studies. It offers a current vision of the renewed lines of research on public policies directed at childhood in Argentina and Brazil from a historical, anthropological and sociological perspective. The book proposes to analyze this problematic, which has received growing interest in Latin America, from a perspective that is not frequently used, that of networking and building relationship between investigations on the subjects of childhood, family and the State.

Valeria Llobet

Taken as a whole, the chapters tackle public policies for children, recognizing the essentially historical character of the problems and processes that such a question involves, paying special attention to their links with the concerns of the present. The proposal supposes a strong belief in the need for interdisciplinary dialogues with the idea of enriching theoretical and methodological perspectives, and it highlights various temporal and local contexts for analyzing knowledge on childhood and state intervention on childhood.

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