International Conference on “Childhood, Challenges and Opportunities: Crossing Knowledge and Practices”

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the ARCOR Foundation in Cordoba, Argentina
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The ARCOR Foundation held an international seminar entitled “Childhood, Challenges and Opportunities: Integrating Knowledge with Practice,” as part of a series celebrating the 20th anniversary of the ARCOR Foundation’s founding. The seminar took place on September 6 and 7 in the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, and was attended by the Director of Equity for Children Alberto Minujin.

The seminar focused on analyzing and debating issues related to children around the world from an interdisciplinary perspective. It featured the prestigious Italian teacher Francesco Tonucci; Andrés Franco, representative of UNICEF Argentina; Gabriel Lerner, Secretary of Childhood, Adolescence and Family (SENAF) of the Ministry of Social Development of the Presidency of the Nation; María Luis Pescetti (the renowned musician and writer for boys); Inés Rizzini of the National Network for Early Childhood – Brazil; Jorge Oroza from the Childhood in Equity Center of Public Policy – Peru; Alberto Minujín, Director of The New School University’s program entitled Equity for Children – USA; Nestor Lopez of IIEP – UNESCO; Estanislao Antelo of FLACSO; Eduardo Corbo Zabatel of CEES, Argentina; and Sebastián Waisgrais of UNICEF Argentina. Other leading authorities covering national and international themes related to childhood and education participated from the government, the business sector and journalism.

Four themes from the seminar address some of the problems and challenges of childhood today:

  • The early childhood experience in Argentina, with an emphasis on how to collect relevant information to view social inequalities facing children.
  • Educational opportunities for children, primary participants in the educational process and current in-school and outside of school educational practices.
  • Strategies for investing in children.
  • Socio-cultural policies and broad definitions of education reflecting the value of social and cultural childhood experiences that contribute to the growth and social development of children.

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