Fifth World Congress for the Rights of Children and Adolescents

Equity for Children and Equidad para la Infancia worked in conjunction with the Ministry of Social Development of Argentina to host the Fifth World Congress for the Rights of Children and Adolescents in San Juan, Argentina to discuss situations, structures and approaches on inequalities and poverty affecting children and adolescents in Latin America.

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The World Congress began in Venezuela in 2003 under the theme “The Right of Children and Adolescents: An Autonomous Necessity” where 1,000 participants from 23 countries took part in the first congress. Since then consecutive World Congresses have taken place in Peru, Spain and Puerto Rico.

The theme for this year’s congress, “A World Fit for Children,” was adopted from the General Assembly United Nations Special Session for Children (2002). The main objective of the conference is to fight poverty, provide equal distribution of wealth and opportunities for children and adolescents worldwide, advocate a cooperative relationship between state and civil society for children’s rights to be acknowledged and be exercised.

A series of videos from the Fifth World Congress for the Rights of Children are now available online.

Pre-Congress Seminar: Children, Youth and Social Change
Speakers: Simon Hoffman, Swansea University; Alberto Minujin, Director of Equity for Children, The New School
Click here to watch the Pre-Congress Seminar.

Public Policy and Measurement Approaches: Living Conditions of Children and Adolescents
Speakers: Dr. Gabriel Lerner, National Secretary for Children, Youth and Family; Ana Maria Edwin, Director of the National Institute of Statistics and Census; Dr. Valeria Llobet, Regional Coordinator for Equidad para la Infancia; Daniel Alberto Cimadamore, Comparative Research Programme on Poverty (CROP); Comari Claudio, Director of the Permanent Household Survey of the National Institute of Statistics Census; Alberto Minujin, Director of Equity for Children, The New School; Alejandro Acosta, Childwatch Latin America; Ana Cerruti, Interdisciplinary Center on Children and Poverty, University of the Republic of Paraguay
Click here to watch three videos from Public Policy and Measurement Approaches.

Children, Youth and Social Change
Speaker: Jens Qvortrup, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Director of the Norwegian Centre for Child Research
Click here to view Jens Qvortrup’s talk.

Children, Adolescents and the Challenge of Equity
Speaker: Alberto Minujin, Director of Equity for Children, The New York
Click here to watch Alberto Minujin’s talk.

Theory for Children: Proposal for a Latin American Focus
Speaker: Eduardo Bustelo Graffigna, Director of the Masters in Social Policy and Planning from the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, President of the Argentine Legislators Forum for Children
Click here to watch Eduardo Bustelo Griffigna’s talk.

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