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On Wednesday, February 8, Equity for Children at The New School presented a symposium entitledTackling Child Poverty in the Twenty-First Century by the Young Lives Project , a group of researchers at the University of Oxford. Co-hosted with The City University of New York (CUNY) and Rutgers University’s Department of Childhood Studies,equity the discussions offered a unique opportunity to learn about emerging trends from Young Lives’ ongoing longitudinal study of 12,000 individuals conducted over 15 years in four countries: India, Vietnam, Ethiopia, and Peru. Those in attendance represented policy makers and academics from around the world who are dedicated to alleviating childhood poverty.

For those of our viewers that could not attend the symposium ‘Tackling Child Poverty in the Twenty-first Century’, the presentations given on February 8th at The New School can be downloaded below.





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The meeting was co-organised by Equity for Children in partnership with UNICEF and the Bristol Poverty Institute, at the University of Bristol, UK, who are collaborating on a research program to improve the international measurement of child and family poverty.
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