‘Health in All Policies: Seizing opportunities, implementing policies’

Health in All Policies: Seizing opportunities, implementing policies

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland, May 2013

Edited by Kimmo Leppo, Eeva Ollila, Sebastián Peña, Matthias Wismar, Sarah Cook

“…..Incorporating health into policies across sectors is often challenging and even when decisions are made, implementation may only be partial or unsustainable.

‘Health in All Policies (HiAP): Seizing opportunities, implementing policies’, published by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health of Finland, identifies practical opportunities and challenges for raising health on political agendas. It stresses the importance of seizing opportunities for negotiating and implementing feasible policy solutions. The publication is a Finnish contribution to the 8th Global Conference on Health Promotion.

The publication draws on case studies from all continents to demonstrate how Health in All Policies works in different contexts. The examples cover eight policy areas including early childhood development, work and health, agriculture and tobacco. 

‘HiAP: Seizing opportunities, implementing policies’ provides valuable insights for policy-makers, including politicians, researchers and civil society advocates. It brings a global perspective on improving health and health equity through decision-making and implementation.

The volume is published in collaboration with the National Institute for Health and Welfare of Finland (THL), the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, and the UN Research Institute for Social Development.


Part I

1          Introduction to Health in All Policies and the analytical framework of the book

2          History of Health in All Policies  HiAP

3          Health and development: challenges and pathways to HiAP in low-income countries

4          Prioritizing health equity

5          Globalization and national policy space for health and a HiAP approach

Part II

6          Promoting equity from the start through early child development and Health in All    Policies (ECD-HiAP)

7          Work, health and employment

8          Promoting mental health: a crucial component of all public policy

9          Agriculture, food and nutrition

10         Tobacco or health

11         Alcohol

12         Lessons from environment and health for HiAP

13         Making development assistance for health more effective through HiAP

Part III

14         The health sector’s role in HiAP

15         Lessons for policy-makers



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