Theories and Practices on Equity for Children

‘Approaches to Equity’ is a long-term project launched in July 2013 by Equity for Children. The core team of researchers leading the project include Executive Director Alberto Minujin, Director of Programs and Research Günay Salazar, and GPIA ’13 graduate Lauren Santorso. ‘Approaches to Equity’ aims to push forward the important agenda of children’s rights and equity, especially in light of the post-2015 Millennium Development Goals agenda. Through this ongoing project, we offer many vital resources at one glance: interviews, key documents, and abstracts from major international organizations on the topic of equity for children. We invite you to participate in this vital conversation.

The gap between the richest and the poorest is growing at a quick pace across the globe, affecting children twice as hard than the general population. National averages in poverty reduction, hunger, child mortality or education might provide a positive image, but once those data are disaggregated between people of low and high income, coming from rural or urban areas, or by ethnic groups or gender – huge disparities come to light.

How do we reduce inequalities for children? How do we create a more equitable world for children? More and more organizations, academics and social movements provide responses by analyzing inequalities, focusing their programs on the most disadvantaged and by urging governments to act through adequate equity focused policies and laws. In the last five years equity has thus become a major concern. Many books and documents have been written, theories have been created, conferences held and the debate on equity still continues.

We in Equity for Children want to be a participant in this movement through direct action and support of all initiatives, movements and programs that push forward the agenda of children’s rights and equity. Now is the best moment to do so for two reasons: 1) Equity and Equality are high on the agenda; 2) The post-2015 Millennium Development Goals are currently being discussed which will lay the grounds for a less or more equal world as world leaders will have to respond to those goals.

We offer you key sources at one glance: Interviews, key documents and abstracts on equity.

For all those who want to know more or want to gain a clear understanding about the various current concepts and practices to advance equity and equality for children, we offer a unique insight on our web page

We have interviewed outstanding leading practitioners and top experts of big international organizations including the World Bank, UNICEF, WHO, Save the Children and various other organizations about their views of equity and equality and the challenges faced with these agendas. The interviews will be displayed on our homepage. Those who want to read key documents on equity and equality will find readily available for download the most relevant resources from each participating organization. We also provide a list of additional key resources on equity and children for consultation.

For people already familiar with the equity debate and terminology, we offer a series of original abstracts that characterize the diverse equity approaches and definitions for each organization and a matrix based on two to three institutional key documents. Both the abstracts of each organization’s equity approach and the matrix include condensed information about the definition of equity, its determinants and manifestations, its characteristics, target audiences and its underlying theories.

We hope that these tools will be a helpful source of tools for policy makers, practitioners, activists, researchers and all engaged people who want to contribute to a more equitable world for children.

We invite you to participate.

The process of selecting and displaying relevant information on equity for children is ongoing. We invite all our readers and followers to send us information about new equity approaches, experiences, evidence of impact and new theories on equity.



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