AINA Open Working Group E-Consultation on Inequality



AINA Global Consultation focused on the Open Working Group Issues Brief on Inequality.

Discussion Extended One More Week Until 17 January!

Add your voice to the global discussion today!

16 December – 17 January, 2014  

In anticipation of the Eighth Session of the UN Open Working Group (3-7 February 2014), AINA is hosting this consultation from 16 December, 2013 – 17 January 2014 focused on the ‘Promoting Equality, including Social Equity’ issue brief of the Open Working Group’s Technical Support Team. This brief will be at the centre of the upcoming deliberations and debates.

We are seeking your feedback specifically on this brief and we  want to hear your recommendations for the Open Working Group.

Your comments will be synthesized and fed into inequality-related debates during the Eighth session of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals.

To participate, please read the short ‘Promoting Equality, including Social Equity’ issues brief (click here to access the document) and then click directly on the question(s) of your choice to enter the debate:

  1. After reading the issues brief, what do you think needs to be added? What do you think needs to be removed? How would you improve the document?
  2. If you had one or two things that you wanted to tell the Open Working Group concerning inequality and the post-2015 development agenda, what would you say?

If you would like to contribute to the Open Working Group brief focused on inequality and how best to address them in the post-2015 agenda, we welcome your participation in the discussion. Also, should you know of others that would be interested in providing us with recommendations, please pass this information along to them.

This consultation—focused almost exclusively on the OWG Inequality brief—was purposely scheduled to immediately precede the OWG Eighth Session (3-7 February, 2014). The OWG eighth session is focused on a number of issues including addressing inequalities in sustainable development policy.

At the conclusion of the consultation, all comments will be synthesized and fed into the February OWG post-2015 inequality-related debates and policy making discussion during the Eighth session of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals.

Thank you for your participation and continued commitment to addressing inequalities in the post-2015 development agenda. We look forward your recommendations and comments related to the brief.

Click here to Download the OWG TST Issues Brief  'Promoting Equality, including Social Equity'

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