Helia Molina appointed as new Ministry of Health in Chile

helia-molinaEquity for Children is proud to congratulate Helia Molina on her recent appointment as Minister of Health in Chile. Molina will officially take office on March 11, 2014.  Since 2010, she has accompanied us as a member of the Working Group on Children, Inequalities and Poverty, which makes us feel especially proud and confident in Molina’s capacity, knowledge, and determination to work towards a guarantee of children’s rights through public policy.

Our teams express great joy at the appointment of Helia Molina Milman as the New Minister of Health in Chile as it provides a great recognition of her professional career and personal commitment to establishing health as a necessary human right.

At this time, we would like to publicly announce our sincere congratulations to Helia Molina and convey our best wishes in her new position and commitment to work together with alongside her same mission to combat poverty and inequality faced by children across the Latin America region.

Helia Molina Milman is an academic at the Catholic University of Chile, a doctor specializing in pediatrics and nephrology, and Master of Public Health. She has coordinated and participated in many international and national projects on related subjects and is the author of over 40 publications in the field of pediatric nephrology and child health in the area of health promotion. Since 1995, she began advising the Chilean Ministry of Health in Primary Care and Health Promotion and has been the Head of the Public Health Policy Division. Molina has also served as Director, Vice President and President of the Chilean Society of Pediatrics.
Helia Molina Milman is academic at the Catholic University of Chile, doctor specializing in pediatrics. She was director, vice president and president of the Chilean Society of Pediatrics.

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