Equity for Children at the University of Groningen, Holland


On May 8th, 2014, Guenay Salazar, Director of Programs and Research at Equity for Children, held a lecture on “Invisible Children – Child Trafficking” at the University of Groningen, Holland.  The lecture was part of a 10 day course entitled “A Governance Approach to Policies and Interventions”, at The Population Research Centre in the Faculty of Spatial Sciences at the University of Groningen.

Tracing trafficked children and protecting children from being trafficked has been high on the agenda of the international community for more than a decade.  According to ILO estimates, approximately 1.2 Mio children are trafficked each year.  What are the economic, political, social and cultural drivers of child trafficking? What are the main challenges and what kind of policies and interventions need to be in place to protect future generations of children from being exploited? Given the foreseeable demographic changes in the next decades and the complexity of structural causes of child trafficking in an increasingly more global and interconnected world, the answer lies beyond a narrow focus on child trafficking.

For the full presentation, please click on Equity for Children at the University of Groningen, Holland

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