Equity for Children E-Newsletter. N° 51 | April | 2015

Dear friends,

This month we are extremely excited to launch the Approaches to Equity Report with its 10 key policy recommendations.  The report, based on our original research initiated in 2013, helps to identify a common understanding of equity and recommendations for policy makers, practitioners and researchers.  Please share your questions and comments on our website, Facebook and Twitter.

We convey our thanks to all participants of this endeavor whose interviews are all published on our website here.

On March 17, we hosted José Manuel Roche, Head of Research at Save the Children UK, for a lecture on Save The Children’s latest publication “The Lottery of Birth”.  Find out more here.

Thank you so much for your continued interest in Equity for Children’s work.  Please keep checking www.equityforchildren.org for updates on upcoming activities and initiatives.


Alberto Minujin


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