Disadvantaged Children, Equity and the SDGs at the World Social Science Forum

Alberto WSSOn September 14, 2015, Equity for Children Executive Director Alberto Minujin participated in a panel discussion on the topic of “Global Justice and Poverty in the Transformation of the MDGs into SDGs”  at the World Social Science Forum in Durban, South Africa. Minujin's presentation entitled, "Disadvantaged Children and Equity: Missing from the MDGs — What about the SDGs?" addressed how the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can ensure a greater focus on equity for children.

There is strong evidence that children are overrepresented when considering income and multidimensional poverty. They are also among the population groups more frequently affected by world crises, emergencies and extreme violations of human rights. Lack of equity is a key driver in increased violence around the world.

Children and adolescents are key resources in developing social change, peace building and climate change action. To maximize their voice and impact, the SDGs must put equity and children clearly and centrally at the forefront of the world policy agenda, along with defined goals and monitoring mechanisms.

The idea of putting children and equity more prominently on the world stage is finally generating considerate discussion from international organizations, NGOs, researchers and practitioners. All are urging the incorporation of these issues into the SDGs, since they were omitted from specific mention in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

 Children and young people are the cornerstone of social change and development. Minujin's presentation addressed these issues and proposed next steps based on Equity for Children's Approaches to Equity Report, released in April 2015.  It highlighted the relevance of social accountability and the need to engage children and young people in a more comprehensive set of actions that include indicators monitoring their social participation. 

Access the presentation slides here.

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